Friday, April 6, 2012

Success Secrets for Losing Weight

Losing weight does not need to be the hardest thing you ever do. It will take motivation and dedication; but your goals are within your reach. Keep a few simple success secrets for weight loss in your mind as you work to achieve a smaller, healthier you.

Having the Right Mind Set

One of the secrets to losing weight effectively is to have the best mind set. Too many people set out on a path of weight loss expecting to fail. Do not use the excuse that other efforts to lose weight have failed for you or that you have been a little heavier all your life. Set out by saying that this time around you will lose weight and you will not put that weight back on.

Another mistake people make is looking for an easy fix to a current weight. You cannot use shortcuts to achieve weight loss. If you do, it is likely that any pounds you drop will come back. It is also not a good idea to look at your new eating and exercise methods as a short-term solution. People often fall into the habit of just eating well and being active long enough to lose some weight. In order to achieve a healthy weight and a healthy body, you to decide here and now that you will live a healthy lifestyle from this point forward and forever.

Setting Realistic Goals

Goals are important and can certainly help you to lose weight. It is hard to stay focused if you have no goals. You will feel good about yourself as you reach your goals. However, you cannot set unrealistic goals so that you do not become frustrated and give up as a result. You are not likely to lose a ton of weight in a short amount of time. There is no magic pill that will make you lose weight if you are still eating poorly and inactive.

Set small attainable goals as a way to reach bigger goals. For instance, start out by simply eating a little less each day and by cutting out some unhealthy foods. Strive to lose just a pound or two each week to ten days. Do not look at the big picture of losing 50 pounds (or whatever the case may be). Instead, set a goal of ten pounds and then ten more. If you have reasonable goals and smaller goals to reach your biggest dreams, you can be successful.

Making Dietary Changes Rather than Starving

You can make dietary changes that will help you to lose weight without feeling as if you are starving. You will drop some weight initially simply by putting less on your plate, passing on seconds, cutting out or at least down on sweats and other treats. Switch from soda pop and sugary beverages to zero calorie water. Eat more fruits and less fatty meats and other high calorie foods. A few small changes can actually go a long way when trying to slim your waistline.


As you can see some of the secrets to weight loss are as simple as having a good state of mind, staying positive and setting goals you can keep. You also need to slowly start changing your life by making small changes to your diet and by becoming more active on a daily basis.

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Article Source: Dani Mills

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